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The Evolution of Academic Medicine–Today at the DCRI

All of us in academic medicine become accustomed to the coming and going of people.  Every year, there is a new batch of trainees and faculty.  Some stay on for short periods of time and others for longer periods.  In the case of Bob Harrington, a cardiology fellow arrived at Duke with highest recommendations from my friend Joel Gore who was chief at U Mass at the time.  I knew from our first encounter that he was a winner–able to listen, synthesize information, and package it in a way that enabled others to understand it.  The extra advantage was that he was an excellent clinician who obviously truly enjoyed and excelled at acute care and interventional cardiology.

22 years later, Dr. Harrington is preparing to leave for a big job at Stanford.  Other communications will detail my views of what Bob can accomplish and how I hope we can collaborate to create new avenues of knowledge generation across national and international boundaries.  I’d like to comment on the impact on our people here in Durham. Periods like this engender uncertainty, but they also enable creative thinking.  The DCRI is an amazing place that has generated over 800 manuscripts a year and a new approach to education that is rapidly evolving.  Now is the chance for people to bring forward fresh ideas for how to accomplish the mission, including creative concepts for collaboration across the university, within the health system and across institutional boundaries (including Stanford, of course).

I look forward to an exciting journey over the next few months as we choose a new DCRI director and work together with Bob to build upon his excellent work.  When he leaves in June, I want him to know that he has left behind an enduring organization that will make a difference in the world, and that he will continue to be part of it.

I will post regular updates on this blog–stay tuned!

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