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The Future of DTMI

I continue to be impressed by the creative ideas coming from people inside and outside of the “DTMI family” with regard to the future.  Please continue to send messages with insights and concerns.

There is obvious tension between the desire to maintain what is special about DTMI and its major engine, DCRI, and the obvious importance of better integrating its efforts with the University and Duke Medicine.  The name “DCRI” has tremendous recognition now around the world and stands for excellence in collaborative clinical research.  We need to understand how to extend the support systems in DCRI to a wider group of faculty on the Duke campus.

In addition, we now have a rapidly expanding network of collaborators in many countries and a university that is dedicated to globalization as a key part of its educational mission.  With “bricks and mortar” in Singapore and soon in Kunshan, in addition to a joint venture in Delhi, we have a presence in Asia that will need to be developed with an effective strategy for bringing our talents to the region in a manner that fosters networking and collaboration.   This was the topic of an interesting conversation with President Brodhead yesterday, and I see our efforts as completely aligned with where the university is going.

The next several months should be a fertile time to revise our plans. Dr. Harrington will be with us and free to think without the constraints of operationalizing ideas and the leadership groups of our various entities will be charged with thinking through our best organizational approach and strategy for our research and education missions.


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